Go West Young (Dead) Man!

Good Mourning guys and ghouls! Just a little update: the move is OVER! Castle Deadboy has OFFICIALLY relocated from The Big Bad Apple to parts west. Now, you’re thinking, where on earth could he go that’s as cool as NYC? Well, if you’re thinking the City of Angels, you’d be wrong. Although it was a consideration, I had to go to “The Home Of Rock”, and it sure as fuck ain’t Cleveland!  There is some more traveling to do next week, there will be some fixin’ of a computer, or a workaround of some sort, and we are gonna get this show back on track. There might be some time changes in the future but I’m going to stay as close to our schedule as possible for the time being. As for where the Crypt and Crew has relocated? Just watch the video right here… And remember, “You can’t kill me, I’m already dead!”

Fucked again…

Well, just when you thought you had it all together… Things were going great! Just celebrated six years on the air and my birthday, show was ready to roll last night and was in the midst of a kick ass first set. And then, as it happens, we had an error. Let’s not call it an error, let’s call it a mal-fucking-function.

I’m not a fan of Windows 8, and I’ve made that abundantly clear. There’s some notorious bugs in there, specifically with laptop trackpad issues. And, once again, the trackpad froze. Sometimes it unfreezes by itself, sometimes by vigorously rubbing the pad it unfreezes, and sometimes by clicking either button it will start working again. None of the above worked. So, while trying to “rub one out”, so to speak, my hand crashed into the screen of the laptop and that was that. Have you ever seen a broken display? It’s horrifying…


kinda like that, except it’s worse when it’s yours.


So, here we are again. Busted computer, and neither the time or resources to get it fixed at this moment. There would have been no show on the 22nd of June (out of town again; busy busy busy) but that doesn’t matter squat at this moment for the 29th and the rest of the summer. There’s going to be some major changes in my personal life over the next few  months, and the show would have probably been (at best) sporadic over the summer; possibly more shows possibly less but different to say the least.  But it doesn’t change the fact that it was still alive and kicking, and at this moment it’s not. “What now?” is the burning question on your mind, and mine as well.

Kickstarter Campaign for funding has been suggested; I’d have to find out how much it’s going to cost to fix. Try and fix it myself and damage it further? No thanks. Bite the bullet and just pay for it? Possible, but funds are incredibly tight and not an expense I can handle right now or god only knows when. Buy a new one, or go back to the original way of doing the show and piggyback off the new Macbook? Possible, but not really an option I want to consider. If I can get the other one fixed, that’s really my favored option as I won’t have to reload everything, which is a colossal pain in the ass.

I’m stucked and fucked, gang. And it’s times like these that make me want to hang up the cans and walk away. It always seems to be something; a little nuisance that stops the show for a week or something major that screws me for months on end, like this. It’s seemingly becoming a constant uphill battle to keep me on the airwaves and try to bring the best damn show on the net to the masses every week. I’m frustrated, angry and just depressed over the nightmare that it’s become. Tell me it’s worth it. Let me know that I’m doing something for you, and that you need me here. Comment below, or inbox me on Facebook. I’ll be watching, and I’ll keep you posted.

If this is the last we see each other for the near future, thank you for all your support. Much love and gratitude to all.



20 Years… And?

I’ve already gotten requests for an “All-Nirvana” show tomorrow night, to honor the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. Let’s address this this. First of all, DMCA regulations don’t allow me to do a “Tribute” show, playing one artist for an entire show. I think that’s bullshit anyway, but that’s a whole other post. You can read about the ridiculous DMCA laws here. But I digress; the issue at hand is Kurt Cobain.

Think about it: why is Nirvana so fuckin’ huge, and why is this man a legend? Did they really have that much of an impact? Were they really that good? Yes, they had a huge impact on music in the 90′s. Yes, they probably launched the lucrative careers of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and many other bands in the whole Seattle scene. The industry rushed to the Pacific Northwest to sign everyone and everybody, just like they did in L.A. in the 80′s.They’re not a One-Hit-Wonder, but if not for “Smells Like Teen Spirit?” They’d just be another band. Yeah, I said it. If not for that ONE song, the whole Seattle scene doesn’t exist. So there’s your impact.

But let’s look at their legacy as a band, and the man himself. If he didn’t blow his brains out, where would they be today? Frankly speaking, if he didn’t commit suicide (and let’s not forget that – he checked out; he gave up), I don’t think anyone would care. They were just not that good. Their career was based on one fucking song. And hey, if they didn’t dissolve, we wouldn’t have the far superior Foo Fighters. I mean, who’s really the better band, Nirvana or the Foo Fighters? It’s a no brainer. Kurt Cobain quit music, gave up on his legions of fans in the most drastic way possible. Is that worthy of an entire show to tribute this man? I think not. 20 years later, he’s still an icon and a point of interest only because he put a shotgun in his mouth. Think about that, and think real hard.

So, light your candles, do what you want to remember Kurt Cobain and his incredibly tarnished legacy. If I could do it? I wouldn’t do it. He just doesn’t deserve it.