That’s right gang – we’re still spreading the disease! Meet our newest syndicator, Rock Alliance Radio! You can listen right from your computer of course or on your mobile device. There’s a great little app called Tune In Radio (get it right here for Android or iPhone) that you can listen to many of our affiliates on, and Rock Alliance Radio is no exception! Here’s their link for Tune In: Or, you can just search “Rock Alliance Radio” from the Tune In search menu; easy, right?! Go get your ears on and thanks once again to everyone who keeps spreading the disease that is the Rigor Mortis Radio Show!  Remember: you’ll always have a tombstone waiting for you here!


You spoke, and we listened! The show will once again be posted for your listening pleasure! if you missed it, or just want to hear it again, you can download it or stream it for absolutely FREE! Check this page every week for archived shows! To start us off, here’s the show for Monday, January 5th 2015. And hey, if you do decide to listen to it here, please comment so we know you’re out there! Once again, there is no one to thank but you, Constant Listener! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be doing this! Give yourself a big round of applause and enjoy the show!

In order to BE the man, you gotta BEAT the man!

And no one could do it! Congratulations are in order for our very own super-human, Cuban/Pollack prognosticator, Big Bad Billy K! Our “Beat Billy” promotion was a huge success again this year, with everyone trying to grab the brass ring by beating Billy’s NFL picks every week. But, the King remains the King: Billy was undefeated the the entire season! We had a few close entries, with some being decided solely on points, but no one could dethrone the best handicapper since Jimmy The Greek. Thanks go out to all participants; you guys make this promotion happen. Better luck next year! And of course, congrats to Billy! Great work, and keep winning!

Billy waves goodbye until next year, taking his victories with him!

Billy waves goodbye until next year, taking his victories with him!