A Fond Farewell…

…to Brutiful Metal Radio. The crew at BMR is ceasing their radio operations effective immediately, and are concentrating their efforts in other musical endeavors. Brutiful Metal Radio has been one of my strongest supporters since I began broadcasting with them, way back in 2012. The staff over there has been one of the easiest to get along with, and were always there to lend a helping hand. Incredibly proactive, diligent, passionate, and most of all a great bunch of people. They’ll continue to bring great rock music to the masses in one form or another, and you should still check out every damn thing they post: they’re that good. Make sure you check their page out here. Best of luck to the lovely ladies at BMR; I wish you nothing but success in the future. Much love!


I usually don’t start a post with “I felt strong enough about this subject to make it necessary to blog about it”, but this is definitely the case this time. Deplorable, disgraceful, and completely inappropriate. I hope your career goes down just as hard…


Hey gang, just a quick post about the availability of the show. We’ve made the show available for download on Archive.org, and it’s pretty cool. You can listen to it as a stream, or download the whole MP3. Everything can be found in the downloads section, which is right here. Nice and easy for those who can’t make the live show, or for anyone who wants to listen to me over and over again (how could you not?).

Trouble is, response to the downloads has been a bit… underwhelming. I understand if people don’t want to download the entire MP3, but if you are listening to show via the the stream, PLEASE let me know! I only have the ability to check downloads, not how many times the show has been streamed. I say it a million times: you guys make the show.What  you request, when you listen, how you listen… it all matters. The show will always adjust to the needs of our audience, and your feedback is constantly needed and always welcome. It was by popular demand that we brought back the downloads as well as the playlist, but if it turns out no one is using it, I’ll put it on hiatus again. How do you reach me? The best and easiest way is to message me is on Facebook, right here. If you haven’t added me yet, what are you waiting for? ;-) Tell me what you’ve done, guys and ghouls… I won’t bite.

On to other news, and this concerns any and all bands out there, signed and unsigned alike: I’m looking for you.

One Band to rule them all,

One DJ to find them.

One Song to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. 

Curious? GOOD! More to come soon, and if you can’t wait then message me for the scoop. Once again, I thank all of you for your continued support. “Without you, I’m nothing…”


That’s right gang – we’re still spreading the disease! Meet our newest syndicator, Rock Alliance Radio! You can listen right from your computer of course or on your mobile device. There’s a great little app called Tune In Radio (get it right here for Android or iPhone) that you can listen to many of our affiliates on, and Rock Alliance Radio is no exception! Here’s their link for Tune In: http://tunein.com/radio/Rock-Alliance-Radio-s238842/. Or, you can just search “Rock Alliance Radio” from the Tune In search menu; easy, right?! Go get your ears on and thanks once again to everyone who keeps spreading the disease that is the Rigor Mortis Radio Show!  Remember: you’ll always have a tombstone waiting for you here!